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November 16, 2019

How flat hierarchy almost killed my startup

This article about my experience with flat hierarchy has been my most successful article ever. It went viral with 22.352 views, 212 reshares and landed me interviews with Manager Magazin, Handelsblatt, Zeit and many more. Here is the original article:


When we started CareerFoundry five years ago, having a flat hierarchy — or talking about having a flat hierarchy was one of the hottest topics when it came to ‘new world of work’ (and still is).

CareerFoundry had a flat hierarchy for just a year. It was a rollercoaster, mainly downwards. Although now, we are maturing and really finding our rhythm with sales up 100% since we moved away from being flat, and turned profitable for the first time in 2017.

Now that we are in a much better place, it’s the right time to discuss our journey through a flat hierarchy , and how I turned from being positive about flat hierarchies to being completely against them.

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Image: CareerFoundry, at an all company hackathon

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  1. […] den letzten sieben Jahren habe ich allerhand Erfahrungen mit New Work gemacht, von unserem gescheiterten Experiment mit flachen Hierarchien bis zu gefeiertem New Work Erfolg durch Feedback […]

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